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~Learning Together Even When We're Apart~

New to Paediatric Emergency? 
How to perform ENT examination in kids? 
How to manage a child with mild head injury? CT or not? 
How to tape Paediatric IV?
check out "New to PEM Section"  
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Upcoming Open Sessions for PEM Registrars Teachings


2023 Term 1 

8 Mar  RCH open session
MSK Radiology 


29 Mar MMC open session (TBC)

5 Apr   TNH/ Austin open session (TBC)

26 Apr SH open session (TBC)


2023 Term 2 

24 May RCH open session (TBC)

14 Jun  TNH/ Austin open session (TBC)

28 Jun  MMC open session (TBC)

26 July SH Regional (TBC)

​Meeting links 

RCH Microsoft Teams
Click here to join the meeting


Join on the web here using Meeting ID: 444 707 778 976  Passcode: U4Uyiw 
​(if you join in from non-RCH account, please select "join as a guest" and you will be "admitted" to the meeting)


(Please ensure you have an account set up and download the teams program/ app prior) 
App download Link 
Need to set up an account? click here 
(if you don't have an RCH account, please ensure you use a personal/"non-hospital" email to set it up)

SH Zoom Link here

  Meeting ID: 913 2568 9928
Password: 964570

TNH/Austin Zoom Link here

Meeting ID:  320 051 2933
Password: EDteaching



Recordings from Earlier Sessions

MMC regional teaching 

1 Mar 2023
anaphyalxis ; iGAS ; PEM Kahoot  
program (pdf)
chat (pdf)

TNH/ Austin regional teaching 

7 Dec 2022

link here  (complete session)

passcode: 4HRgy8!3

Sunshine regional teaching "50 Sheds of PEM" 

19 Oct 2022

link here (complete session)

Individual Sessions link:  

OpeningKeep on Swimming!Noodles for Breakfast?

Expect the Unexpected: Unusual Paediatric Presentations

Good Health for All

Idea 2

Useful PEM Resources

Discharge Info
New to PEM

Advanced Paediatric Life Support: courses and algorithms for paediatric resuscitation and life support

Austin Toxicology Guidelines

Monash Drug Doses
RCH Clinical Practice Guidelines: these CPGs aim to be the standard of practice of paediatrics in Victoria
Don’t Forget The Bubbles: now the most accessed paediatric resource on the internet

DermNet NZ is the world’s free resource and authority on all things skin

Burns (Victoria Adult Burns Service); RCH Burns CPG

Discharge info

RCH Kids Health Info

RWH Health FactSheet (breast feeding information can be found here for new parents)

The Sydney Children’s Hospital factsheet (with great range of translated factsheet)

Health Translation Fact Sheet (different languages) 

Discharging a patient with asthma/ eczema/ allergy? 

ASCIA Action Plan 

Eczema bath formula RCH

DHS anaphylaxis notification link here

New to Paediatric Emergency Medicine? 

Refugee Info and Resources 


DFTB monthly journal articles link here

PEM database link here

Bestbets link here

Research Update


This website is set up and maintained by a group of paediatric emergency specialists working in Victoria to share educational resources with educators involved in paediatric emergency education. Speakers consented to share their recordings for educational purposes only.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

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